Relaxing Dinner with Kids(?)

We decided to have a relaxing dinner in the middle of the week to surprise ourselves. Something to get out of the routine so that we can keep going through the week. We arrived at the restaurant on time without taking any break in between for the 20 minutes drive! Considering the past experience when we had to stop at the parking lots before entering the store to feed our infant; this was an achievement. Everyone got settled and my toddler goes I need to use potty. I was glad that this call was before the food arrived.
Therefore, I happily took her to the restroom. There they were running nice music and some Italian to English translations. So she really liked that restroom  then she wanted to dance there; so we danced for few minutes. And that’s about it; she decided she doesn’t want to go potty anymore. So we were back at the table just after trying out their fancy soap and auto-napkin dispenser. Humm, now I can order food & just enjoy rest of the evening  I guess that thought came too fast. Our six months old started getting uncomfortable in his stroller; so I took him out and stepped outside for a quick walk. By then the food was ordered so anyways I would have had to wait inside on the table; so stepping outside was not much hassle. When we came back, piping hot pasta with delectable sauce was waiting for me. By then my toddler was also half way through her dinner. That’s plus sign; kudos to dad! I was about to dig my fork into it and my toddler goes I want to use potty. Since she is recently potty trained I can’t take chances. Any call could be serious call. So I quickly just licked the fork to taste the feast & took her inside. After enjoying the nice music, dance for few minutes this trip resulted to be useful. Again I settled to enjoy my food and I heard a subtle sound and smell that any mom can relate with. This time it was my son’s turn to visit the restroom! Like that I managed to grasp few Italian words by visiting their restroom for at least 5 times, was able to gobble my food down in between and were out of the place within mere one hour! Intel has made me very efficient by that way- multitasking all the time! Tell me your funny dinner time stories…

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  1. Rashi

    First, kudos for a mid week relaxing dinner. That is a great idea and I try to do one of those instead of the weekend. Second, I hate bathroom calls in the middle of dinner and assign those to my husband!

  2. Ketaki

    Ha, I wish i could delegate. Since we have a daughter i cannot pass those calls to my husband. I am waiting for my son to grow up; so then he will be incharge of that duty 🙂

  3. Khushi

    Nice post. Captures those moments so well. for me it was one dinner we went for my older son’s birthday – he had wanted to go to this nice restaurant where they come and sing to you on your birthday. But by the time we reached there, he fell asleep and would not wake up at all

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