Roll, baby Roll, Rock and Roll

A few days back the little one executed his first roll over turning himself from tummy to back. Drum rolls, please!

So last time around, I missed most of the milestones of my baby’s babyhood. Those ‘firsts’ which compare in importance in importantce to the Obama inaugaration. Like the first time he rolled over, or sat up or walked. Because I was working full time, it was expected. This time, as a stay at home mom I was determined not to miss anything.

So.. it was quite fitting that the little one rolled over in the 15 minutes in which I went to drop my first son to preschool making his mom miss another first! At this rate, I think he will take his first step when I am in the bathroom 🙂

Since then, however, he has executed the feat a few times which I have had the pleasure to watch. And here it how it goes. However the feat has never quite been captured on video. And here’s why.

The whole manuever for him is a series of detailed steps, to be savored individually.

First he raises himself onto his two forearms. Head raised. Look right and left. Are you looking, Mommy, Dad, Dadu, Didu, dada? If yes, proceed to next step.

After an infinite period in the forearms position, he begins tilting his head to the right. At 1 mm a minute the head begins to lower to the bed. So if you are trying to video tape it, you are pretty much out of reel already and egging him on.

Then the head finally reaches the floor/bed etc. Pause and look around for applaud. If Applauded, proceed to next step.

The left leg starts lifting in slow arc and maybe 10 minutes later, finally, he is flat on his back. Drum rolls again please.

But oh my funny little baby, one day you thought I wasnt looking, and you did a quick tummy to back flip in record time. But as usual, I didnt have the video ready.

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  1. sarmila.basu

    Kids are always like that,, you will never get to know what will be their next step!! thank you for sharing your baby’s steps with us!!

  2. Khushi

    Sarmila, thank you for your comment. Yes, they are so unpredictable!

  3. Indrani

    Congratualtions. That’s a milestone achieved.

  4. Tana

    Khushi, how terribly lovely. Your little one has shown you how many discrete moments in time there are within the mad rush we adults often find ourselves in.

  5. Khushi

    Indrani, thanks! Yes, its the first big milestone I think. Tana, thank you for seeing it that way. There is maybe something to learn here.

  6. Yasmin Talgeri

    I know about the ‘video camera not ready’ when you need it most. It happened to me everytime a big milestone was reached…ha!

  7. Malini

    Congratulations Khushi….Be prepared for many such “first” moments…..

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