Rooibos Lemonade and a cool and refreshing chat

rooibos lemonadeSummer drinks top my ordering list now. Even when I am out at cafes, I am ditching my much beloved coffee for some cool, light refreshing options.Out with friends this Friday night, I ended up ordering the ‘Rooibos Lemonade’ from Caribou Coffee. It was delicious and utterly refreshing, and made I think out of decaffienated tea and lemonade. Chilled and delicious. It was I am sure partly the company and partly the drink but it was a refreshing weekend kickoff and a nice end to a hectic week. Try it out if you are at Caribou Coffee – Oh and Caribou is not paying me to say this 🙂

Over the last year, I have begun relishing these outings with my girl friends. Before being a mom, of course, they were nothing to be surprised at. But now, having a kids and a family means outings were either family visits, couple dates, dates or networking meetigs. Few hours of totally chilling out and hanging out and talking with friends about any topics under the sun puts my weekends into high gear.

So hears to my friends!

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  1. I would love to try the Rooibos Lemonade from Caribou Coffee. I have two young boys and an evening out or even an hour out without the kids is a great break.

    When I’m at home I make my own Rooibos Lemonade. For 1 serving, take 1 bag of Rooibos, infuse in 4oz of hot water. Add some sweetener and some lemon juice, approx 1 tsp. Pour over a glass of ice. Yummy!

    My kids also love chilled Rooibos and the sweetener is not required.

  2. Ketaki

    Khushi, I would love to have such evening just with my girl frnds- while sharing the girl talk & sipping the refreshing lemonade.. even if it means chilling in my own backyard. soon i’ll find such relaxing time…

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