School Lunch Menu for the week – Indian and multicultural ideas

lunchbagI thought I would format the post differently this time. But more importantly, where is everyone? Why no ideas? Maybe we need to put more ideas with an Indian or multicultural school lunches. Well, here I go again. Please give your ideas…. Thank you Ketaki, Sarmila, Malini whose recipes I have linked!

Snack                 Lunch

Mon             Banana Loaf                    Caesar salad with plenty of croutons, honeydew melon slices

Tue              Cereal, milk                    Mushroom Rice, Vanilla/Chocolate wafers

Wed             Fruit Yogurt                    Whole wheat mac and cheese, green beans, wheat roll

Thu             Fruit muffin                    Tortilla/roti with pineapple chicken tenders

Fri               Crackers, jelly                 Bread Upma, apple slices, raisins

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