School Lunch Menu Ideas for this week

Thanks everyone who made comments on my last post with ideas on what to serve for school lunch and snack for the whole week. Sarmila, thank you for your suggestions. I have incorporated some. Yasmin, Indrani, I have linked some of your recipes as they were good ideas. Thanks! I will try to post this every week just for idea generation. Please add what you tried. It will help all of us.

Day                    Snack                                          Lunch

Monday                   Yogurt Dippers                              Chicken/Veggie patty on bun, celery

Tuesday                  English muffin, full fruit spread    Grilled cheese/ham and cheese, steamed beans

Wednesday             Applesauce with crackers              Pizza Bread, tossed salad, mandarin oranges

Thursday                Banana Muffin                               Sooji Chillah, roasted potatoes, Fresh Fruit

Friday                     Chocolate Crepe (or in roti)           Lentils and rice, crunchy fruit

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions. That will help me make it a weekly feature or I will run into idea drought!

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  1. sarmila

    thanks for the ideas, tomorrow the kids are back to school, my elder son as he is in the middle school, he comes home early around 3:00, so really hungry at that time, i got some snack ideas,, thanks

  2. Khushi

    Thank you for posting this

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