Sex and the city – the Movie Review

So I went out with a friend to catch the SATC movie last night. I had been waiting to see it ever since it was released and after reading Lisa’s post here. Becuase it was a Thursday night and one week into the movie, we did not see an array of well decked dames…but the movie was a lot of fun. And if you liked the series, I would definitely recommend it, though if you watched only the sanitized version on TBS, you may be in for a few shocks. If you havent seen the series – well you may be lost.

First of all, I think it was like catching up with old friends you had lost touch with but were still curious about. Its almost a relief to find that they havent changed much yet fun to see how they have moved on. And they seem more well dressed than ever. The wit is there and a lot of good laughs but I would have liked more of the wit and satire. The little girl who acts as Charlotte’s daughter is just too cute. I dont want to give any spoilers but some of the best scenes in the movie are availale as previews on youtube!

Though Jennifer Hudson does a great job with her acting, I think that role was inserted just to make sure Satc was more politically correct. Also some of the girls’ storyline was quite predictable as opposed to the series which I think was not at all.

If you like the fashion, you are in for a treat because there are just so many shoes, dresses and labels. If you are into wedding dresses ….well there is a whole sequence for you.

Anyway, if you like the series, definitely see it. It makes for a great girls night out and a good break from the daily grind – two things I look for in a movie. And if you cant, there will always be a DVD….

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  1. Dora

    So you saw it. I want to as well!!!!! Give some spoilers please!

  2. Marjorie

    I think there were quite a few expected twists in the story. But still. it was a reunion where I did nothave to care how I looked

  3. Marjorie

    It was a reunion. Too many products on sale though – the ladies got richer

  4. winfried

    No for me. :0)

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