Sexual Problems

Today I am going to discuss a very common  problems among men. Sexual Problems are one of the major problems which creates lot of problems.

Some of the sexual problems are:

1. Erectile Dysfunction (impotence)

2. Loss Of Sexual Desire

3. Premature(Rapid) Ejaculation

4. Retarded(Delayed) Ejaculation

1.Impotence is the recurrent or persistent inability to achieve or maintain an erection good enough to complete ones chosen sexual activity satisfactorily whether that is masturbation , oral sex or vaginal or anal intercourse.The risk of this disease is experiencing an erection problem that is could be due to stress, exhaustion, too much alcohol or simply not feeling like sex.

Two Causes :-

i)Physical causes-

Persons with  diabetes (high blood sugar).

Inadequate blood flow to the penis because arteries have got damaged(Atherosclerosis).Smoking is one of the main reason.

Regular heavy drinking damages the nerves, reduce testosterone levels and increase levels of female hormones oestrogen.

Side effects of certain prescription drugs.

Spinal cord injury.

Prostate gland surgery.

ii) Psychological causes –

Relationship conflict.

Stress and anxiety.


Unresolved sexual orientation.



Have a healthy lifestyle

Quit smoking and drinking

Aerobic exercise

Low fat diet

Control blood sugar

Advice from the doctor and specialist

2. Loss of sexual desire is a condition in which a person lack interest in sex, causing concern for himself as well as the partner.

Main symptoms are the relationship problem. It is a concern about 15% of men aged 18 -59.


Improve the quality of sleep, cope better with stress, regular exercise is recommended.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Main treatments are sexual therapy and in few cases testosterone supplements are referred by the doctor.

3. Rapid ejaculation is a very common sexual dysfunction affecting men, most common causes are stress, anxiety about sex(fear of pregnancy), relationship difficulties and the lasting effects of teenage sexual experience .

Get advice from a specialist or qualified sex therapist

Short Term Remedies:

Increase the frequency of ejaculation

Wear a condome

Don’t focus on penetration during sex

Talk to the partner

Try relaxation exercise to tackle stress

4. Retarded ejaculation means the inability to ejaculate or a long delay before ejaculation.

Most of the causes are psychological including anxiety, self consciousness,  sometime a belief that sex is dirty and immoral, stress and relationship difficulties.Age is also a common cause. Some antidepressant drugs often create this problem .The physical factors are hormone imbalance or nerve damage.


Relaxation exercise.

Avoid penetration until very near to the point of ejaculation.

Consult the doctor to change some drugs which may cause problem.

Healthy and nourishing diet.


These concerns sometime are very difficult to discuss with anyone, don’t feel shy and embarassed, these are the problems which can be cured with the help of a good specialist.Maintain a good, healthy, balanced diet as well…

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    Thank you for raising this topic and talking about it. Many people may have questions they are feeling too shy to speak up on.

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