Sisters of my heart

Its almost after seven years that my sisters and I are together in the same city. After marriage, I moved to Singapore since my husband was working there and I felt like a fish taken out of water. After a couple of years of my marriage, my elder sister also moved to Singapore but as luck would have it, I had moved to the US by then. So it was much desired and much awaited that we all could be together in the same city (My elder sister and I alongwith our families moved to Delhi within a gap of a year).  No joy was celebrated till I had not shared it with my three closest friends (my youngest sister is actually my uncle’s daughter), no problem was ever solved till they had not bestowed their pearls of wisdom and no sorrow was ever unbearable once I had unloaded myself to them.

 Some time back the International Trade fair was being held at Pragati Maidan. Now my elder sister (I fondly call her Di) and I are shopoholics. My father at one point of time was seriously contemplating of taking both of us for some sort of Counseling to curtail our incessant need and the will to shop till we drop dead. However, with husband, home and children now in the picture, it has become virtually impossible for just Di and I to go out often. Even when we have, either I had to come back because of my son, or she had to rush because of her infant twin daughters. The last time two of us had gone for IITF was ten years back. Di used to work as a feature journalist with one of the leading English daily newspaper then and one of her jobs required her to cover the IITF. I had gone along with her like a name tag attached to luggage and we had a blast of a time. We had reached there at 12 and was there till the pavilions closed for the day. Our fingers ached with pain, carrying shopping bags. So when I was required to go there this year again for some personal work, she was the first one I thought of. But then, I realized, ten years back, neither of us were married, no responsibilities at home, no child to be fed, no cooking to be done, real carefree youth.  In any case, after much contemplating, I called her up and asked, “Hi Di. Its me. I need to go the Trade Fair. Was wondering if we could go together.”

“I would have loved to. Its been so long. But you know what” as she paused, I knew she was going to say that there’s something that needs to be done etc etc.

“I don’t think I can make it to your place before 2.30 p.m. Is that fine with you.?” She surprised me as she completed her sentence.

“Of course it is Di. Its just fine for me.” I said reassuringly. “Shaamak would be off for a nap by then, and I can tell my house help to baby sit him and I can probably request hubby to come back little early from work and take Shaamak to the park.”

 My eight year old nephew, also came along with us. We first went to the Rajasthan Pavilion. Our first impulse was we needed everything. Then on second thoughts we realized, we had at home most of the displayed item. After much contemplation, we bought few knick knacks for home and looked for Bangladeshi pavilion where I had work. It seemed as it was on the other end of the city as we walked and walked, talked and laughed and bursted into girlish giggles. My nephew got tired and once he said “Ma, whenever you are with masi, you forget that there are others who are also around.” I remembered my husband saying something very similar some time back as well. But the truth is my sisters are the only people with whom I can just be myself, speak my mind out, which at times may not be the wisest thing to do and can be sure that I will not be mistaken.

 At the end we did’nt buy a lot. Just a set of set of table mats, a small picture frame,  few toys for the kids. Really nothing.

 When I came back home, my husband asked: So how was the shopping spree?

“Oh, I had a blast. It was such great fun.” I replied

“Show what all did you buy?

“Nothing really. Very few things.

“Six hours and that’s all?

 The truth was I was’nt really looking for shopping. All I wanted was just to be out with the sister of my heart.

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  1. Oh this was a lovely post. Glad you had some sister-time!

  2. Khushi

    Beautiful post, I am so glad your sister is with you now and you were able to take this time off to just be yourself and have fun. I think getting in touch with oneself is very important, and as we put ourselves in the mom or wife role, we often forget to do that. Thats why, if you do some activity which you used to do long ago, I think you feel so much more refreshed and happy.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi.Thanks for a nice post. Sisters r 4ever! I am glad I have a sis too.

  4. Tana

    Indrani, lovely post. I too am grateful everyday that I have a sister … You also suddenly brought back memories of the Delhi trade fair.

  5. Indrani

    Thanks everyone for your comments. A sister is one person one can count on before even blinking. Sometimes I also feel its important to let them know this.

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