Something to talk about this month – Love and friendship

Hello everyone! Malini had a great idea – maybe we can come up with a topic for each month and we can write, discuss our thoughts and experiences around it as one of the topics we talk about.

This wont of course, be the only topic we write about but it can be one in which we can write in and get to know a bit more.

And for this month, she suggested, that on occasion of Valentine’s Day, we talk about love and friendship. People, she said, can talk about their first experiences with love and/or friendship.

I loved the concept of it being around love and friendship. I was pleasantly surprised to see that in preschool, each kid gives valentines to all the other kids – celebrating friendship.

Do write in!

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  1. Tana

    Nice Idea! I’ll try to post something on this topic.

  2. Khushi

    Thanks, Tana. I want to post as well.

  3. sarmila.basu

    a very good idea.. thanks.

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