South Indian Baby/Toddler lunch or dinner

My mom is here with me now..She is gonna stay for 3 months. She stayed with me when both of my kids were babies. She used to feed them homemade baby foods and gerber foods. I asked her to give me some baby food recipes so that I can share with you all my friends here on bloggermoms.So this is one recipe….Try it at home

1/2 cup Rice
1 tbsp dal
1/2 cup vegetable
salt to taste– You can skip this if you like..

Presure cook rice,dal and vegetable. Hand mix it .Please dont use a blender as it makes it very sticky.

You can use any vegetable- beans, carrot,spinach,cabbage..Try to rotate them so that they will get used to different tastes.

Other variations to the above recipe is you can use yogurt instead of dal. Mix yogurt after you pressure cook rice and vegetable.

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  1. Khushi Mommy

    Thanks for teh recipe – specially the point on not using a blender.

  2. Marjorie Khanna

    Hallo! I am interested in giving my daughter Indian food. Could you elaborate more on the pressure cooking part (how long, what to use). I have seen Indian friends use a pressure cooker but have never used one.

  3. Smitha

    Marjorie- I got the pressure cooker from India..But I think the ricecooker that you get here will also work.If you are using the ricecooker ,add more water than suggested so that the rice will get little more mushy for the baby.If you are using the pressure cooker then wait for 2 whistles. You can turn it off after that

  4. Maya

    Marjorie – you can buy a pressure cooker here at Macy’s, Seers, Kohl’s etc.
    When you pressure cook, you need to put optimal amount of water for cooking – neither too much nore too little.

    Smitha – how much water should we put in the pressure cooker to make this yummy and VERY HEALTHY south-Indian food?

  5. Smitha

    Maya good question.. I asked my mom about the water quantities.If its 1 cup of water then take 2 1/2 cups of water..She doesnt remember the exact level as she did this long time back..Please try it…

  6. Wonderful recipe. This baby food recipe will be great to prepare and the children will love to eat.

  7. Kadambini

    My Baby Girl is 3 and half months old. What extra food we can give on top of Mother’s Milk.

  8. Khushi

    Kadambini, usually the doctors say to wait till 4 months. Definitely ask your doctor. For breastfed babies, sometimes they say wait till 6 months before giving any solids as that ensures maximum immunity for the baby. But for my second, I waited only 4 months. At 4 months I began with cereal. Usually it is safest to use baby cereal. Give it very diulte the first time, and then increase thickness. Give it in the morning/day first so that you can watch out for any reactions. Rice is good to start with but then oatmeal or anything will work. Please let me know how this goes!

  9. Anonymous

    kadambini i would suggest u 2 kep up vd breastfeeding and if u feel u can start giving little water,ter s no harm

  10. suprita

    my avni is g mnts in the 4 mnt i started with baby cereals and now i hav started with brow rice and lil dal pressured cooked with ghee and she is liking it but i am giving her in afternoon and night o giv her baby cereal so it is easy for her to digest in night i loved ur recipe too even i am gonna star with vegetables nxt mnth

  11. barsha

    In Nepal we call this food ” gyawlo” . This is what ,i feed my 19 months old baby . 

  12. Priya

    My baby is 13 months old. She hesitate to take rice daal veg and curd rice in the afternoon. What are the other different food we can give to the baby? If possible please upload more receipes for babies.

  13. Jeena Shaan

    Priya… u can give any foods tat u prepare at home….And I dontt think it is not a must to babies hav rice in the noon… sometimes i giv my baby fish only as lunch… I.feel tat babies hate a regular. pattern of rice and vegetables… my baby hates bland diet.. she prefers mildly spicy food… I giv her vadas,tapioca,iddly, varieties of dosa like egg dosa,ada dosa.. 

  14. pinki

    hai my baby is 14 months old she doesnot like to eat rice mixed with anything and apple boiled she prefer only friedrice is it advisable to feed my with very little rice please give me some to feed my baby with rice also  

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