Speech Problem and Hyperactivity in Children

Let me today share a problem which I think almost every mother worry about – speech problem, delayed speech, hyperactivity, restlessness and related problems…….

I was associated with a sector, where I interacted with people all the time. I had to relocate to a different place after I conceived, where the language spoken is different and I had no option of communicating with anybody in my mother tongue (Bengali) not even English….and where you cant converse with your neighbors except in a language (Kannada, Tamil) which I didn’t know!!!!!

I had my baby in my home town and took him to the newly relocated place when he was just 3&half months old….We stayed there for another 1 year and finally came back to our original place when my kid was 1&half years  old.

Well whatever he was speaking like Mamma, Pappa….he stopped speaking altogether after coming back. Moreover he didn’t want to sit in one place and seemed very restless all the time.

We didn’t have a clue, what was happening and we thought of consulting a Specialist….After hearing him, we were worried as the first thing the doctor said that if a child has hearing problem, he / she will have speech problem……..other reasons are: communication problem, depression in the expecting mother, home related tensions and all related problem which can affect a child.

Also he may be suffering from ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) / ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

I was very worried as we used to stay near the Airport, where there was constant loud noise of the arrival & departure of aeroplanes & jets and even servicing of aircrafts and helicopters.

Several people had different notions of speech problem…some said if any of the parents are late talker, the child will have speech problem. Some said boy child takes a little more time to speak than a girl child and everybody seemed to suggest something to cure the speech problem.

I happen to come acoss some books on speech problem, hyperactivity and gathered that the basic learning ability of a child is from the birth to 3 years of age, where the brain of a child is developed and helps to understand & relate objects, speak and hear. So if there is any hearing problem which is not detected by that time, it gets difficult to rectify and a child can have permanent hearing and speech problems.

So we decided to go for some tests after much discussion and to our relief the reports were all normal.

Now the kid was almost 2 years old, even then he didn’t speak many words although he used gestures / sounds like if wanted something, he would point to the object but he didn’t say, “mamma, pl give me that toy”.

We consulted a Speech Therapist, where the kid was made to sit in a place (which is a problem till now) and given some activities like building blocks and making him understand the concept of colours, shapes and sizes. The Therapist also suggested some very innovative & activity oriented procedures like blowing a candle (under elder guidance of course) or blowing little bits of papers from a small bowl.


I found out that my kid observes a lot and whenever he’s into something, be it building blocks, solving puzzles and drawing & colouring, he’s concentrating in the work. So we decided to spend the time and engage him with some kind of activities….

We put him to a Pre-School Specialist Playschool where we were assured that the child will have all around development through age-oriented appropriate learning activities and an environment where he’ll be able to mix with children his age so that he picks up words more easily.

Now the kid started to speak, but whatever he said was incomprehensible as he said the words so fast using some of the words of a language which we couldn’t learn in the 3 years of stay in the new place.

We were apprehensive about his admission in school as the child was over 3 years…….but also we could see that he tried his best to say a whole sentence by saying the words in between like “cup, milk, hot, blow” and we used to fill the gaps ourselves to identify that he is trying to say “mamma, cup of milk is hot, pl blow to make it a little cold”.

We also spoke to him a lot (the therapist advised to speak to him slowly, repeat words if necessary, show him the related object for identification & comprehension and most important always be patient with the child).

Slowly we understood what he is trying to say and the clarity of the speech improved and we could relate to his thought process easily.

Now he is over 4 years and after all these years of sleepless nights, discussions, debates and tension in the family, we are all having a delightful harrowing time to make him stop speaking all the time…………


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  1. Khushi

    Malini, thank you for this post as many mothers want to know about the process kids go through. I can feel your worry all these years, and am glad the way it turned out. You are helping others by sharing, so that one more good part.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing. I am so glad you found a good therapist and did what you could. It must have been harrowing. ts great that you child has a mom that fights for him and gets him the best

  3. Anonymous

    My child is going through the same. Just startin therapy next month. She can say some words but not other sounds. We did the hearing test it was OK

  4. Tana

    This is a very touching story. Thanks for posting it! Best wishes to your 4-year old.

  5. malini

    Thanks Khushi, Tana and everyone…I would like to add whatever problem however small it seems, just consult a doctor / therapist before its too late for the child….

  6. Sounds like all the exposure to so many different languages temporarily blew some sort of ‘language circuit’ in the kid.

  7. mamatha

    thanks a lot for giving us courage by sharing ur story to fight same situation ….god bless u & ur family

  8. Hi malini,
    We are facing the same issues with our 2 yr old. But glad that you are out of all the 
    Tensions and I know how it feels to go through all this.
    I am hoping my kid will be out of it.
    He pretends to not listening to me and hyper active all the time
    Any suggestions?

  9. Aparna

    Subha, please consult your pedatrician or else you can directly go to a child centre for early intervention, they will do an assessment to ascertain if the child needs help. Please don’t delay

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