Mom lessons – Visiting India (or any new country or place)

Long back I had made a post about stay at home mom lessons – I felt my child was missing out on learning things in play school, so I started listing out a few ‘lessons’ I would do with the babe so that he learnt about the world around him. It seemed that Dora felt the same way – as per her post on ‘Stay at home mom lessons’, and I am borrowing the name from her. This one has proved to be particularly successful, and its just amazing what kids absorb from around them.

Before coming to India, I began showing the babe things he would see here – this was his first trip. This included Saris, decoration pieces like a green and gold brocade wall hanging I have. Of course, he has seen these before, but now I started discussing them with him. Like ‘ Who wears Saris’ I asked him. And told him (almost certainly info overload) on where I got them and how (like my wedding) and so on. I showed him my wedding CDs and he asked questions on the venue, dress etc.

I told him about the kind of food he would get, including his favorites. We eat pretty cosmopolitan at home, and in fact, the babe has distinct continental tastes, so this was worthwhile.

Then we visited the library and the librarian showed us some books on India. Now most of these I did not like – as they showed India in a very bad light, highlighting only the poverty. But I liked the ‘eye witness’ book on India as it had a lot of pictures. We read it again and again. The Babe liked the animals, so from the adult section of the library I got him an Indian bird and animal book which we read together. He was thrilled.

On a big world map, we plotted the route to India, telling him about our stopovers. Of course, I started speaking to him in my language more, but that did not work as well.

He has impressed everyone here with his toddler perspectives based on what he read, and I think he is enjoying this more as a rezult of reading.

Please let me know your ideas as well. I will put a couple of other posts on moms lessons on bloggermoms.

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  1. Anonymous

    I dont think you should call it stay at home mom lessons – its more valid for all moms.

  2. Belinda

    I agree with Anonymous. I also think that in addition to books, food, maybe buying some toys from that country or showing some internet pictures would be a good idea. I do that when I take my children to Asia.

  3. Khushi Mommy

    Thank you for your comments – I changed the title to just mom lessons, and I love Belinda’s ideas.

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