Stay at home mom lessons

So one of my friends mentioned that she likes to put her child in daycare as she feels the child is missing out on so many lessons about life. Her child is three, and mine is still at home, so I thought, she does have a point. I have read about the importance of socialisation and we do some mommy and me classes, but maybe I need to take being a SAHM more seriously.

So this week, I thought let me think of my week like a teacher. Of course, for teachers out there, I have never been one, so forgive my guesses! I thought, let me make a lesson plan. I was so enamored with this idea, I congratulated myself several times in the course of the day. This week, I thought since I was expecting some letters, lets learn about the post office.

And I will make my lesson plan just before I sleep.

Of course, after ‘Desperate Housewives’ and ‘Brothers and Sisters’ I slept off, pen in hand, making a blue ink stain on my pink summer bedding . I know I need to change it.

Anyway, so even without the lesson plan, we went to the post office, borrowed some post office books for the library, and then mailed a letter to mimi.

It was fun.

I want to keep it up, will keep you posted.

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