Summer Activities with Kids – Field Trip to a Grocery Store

Summer activities for kids are many but often difficult to think of when we are dazed in the heat. So we thought we will put out one activity every day. Nothing major, just a summery idea.

Today we thought, how about a field trip with mom to the farmers market (air conditioned, of course) or a grocery store? There are so many things to talk about when you go to the store as a field trip and not a ‘let me buy off my list’ trip. Talk about  the food, where they come from, what they can be used in, how they get here. Point out any trucks behind the stores – kids love driving around the back to see the trailers docked in. Talk about the flashing lights when a trailer is docked. Try some samples, and pick up your mid week must haves.

Check yesterday’s summer activity with kids here.

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