Summer Activity for Kids

summer preschooler activitySummer Activity for Kids of all ages are top of mind for moms as the novelty of the summer break wears off and the days seem long and exhausting.

So we thought it might be fun to publish an activity a day for kids and see what you all think. Send in your activities to be featured here. So todays idea:

Turn on the sprinklers in your backyard and let the kids get wet and run around. Running through sprinkers can be a lot of fun, so if you are ready to let your guard down, join your kids for some serious, inexpensive wet fun. You will be surprisedĀ atĀ the therapeutic effects!

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  1. Ketaki

    that’s such a nice idea. On the same note, I take crushed ice with some cube & let my toddler to play with those. Sometimes we make snowman/ice sculptures(!)

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