Summer movies

Has anybody been to movie theaters recently?  Are there any good movies to watch? I am thinking about taking my kids to a nice movie soon.. Heard Indiana Jones is good but needs to check if its ok for kids to watch.. Any other kids movies that you guys know..Please let me know..

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  1. Ano

    You know, I have not checked it out yet. But Indiana jones should be ok for kids beyond 6.

  2. winfried

    Movies are so expensive right now! I bought an Appletv, and Im ripping all my dvds into its hard drive (160 gigs), creating a nice movie library, where the kids go select the movie and watch… no need for an expensive dvd changer , no need to go to blackbuster, since u also can “Rent” movies from itunes, this Apple tv rocks!!

  3. Anonymous

    Batman is great! You should watch it

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