Sweet Nothings – Part 2

I have been underground last few days as I was worried about this Gestational Diabetes tests. Good news first, I was cleared. But still, just in case someone else needs to know, am writing it up.

So as I had expected when I made my first post, I did fail my 1 hour glucose test for gestational diabetes. The limit is supposed to be 135 – 140 and I was 153 – Not too bad, but still in the danger zone. Now in case anyone reading this is going in for a test, do ask what your results were.

And so the last few days have been spent in nervous internet surfing for information on Gestational Diabetes and waiting for my three hour glucose test to get done.

Yesterday was my scheduled test day. My doc told me to fast from 11 in the night (the test was at 8 am) but again, the web recommended 8 to 14 hrs of fasting and I went with that to be on the safe side. Also went low on sugar that day, but not too low – you know, didnt just want to pass the test in an ‘artificial’ environment. I wanted it to reflect my daily routine as much as possible.

Early morning, without eating or drinking anything (except water) I went over to the docs office. The first reading they took was the ‘fasting’ sugar level. Then they gave this orange, extremely sweet liquid to finish off which you are supposed to finish off in five minutes.

Then they take your blood three times on the hour – hence the three hour test. So get ready to have yourself pricked four times.

I had read you may feel nauseus but I was OK. My nurse told me its ok to take sips of water in the meanwhile which I did, and that made me feel better. But you cant eat or drink anything else.

The waiting though, is difficult – first, you are ravenous, second, probably sleepy from getting up really early to go to the doctors office, third, you feel exhausted because you are not eating or drinking anything. The nurse had asked me  to bring something to read which I did, but still sitting in the common waiting area was tough after the first hour. Luckily I had another lady undergoing the same test who said she couldnt sit anymore and requested a doctors waiting room (you know, the private ones, where you can wait before the doc comes). And thanks to her, we both got one and it was just great to be able to put your legs up, stretch out and even nap in those three hours.

The nursing staff was really nice too and actually came to my room to do the test which was great. And they also had crackers and juice for us at the end, but just in case pack a snack.

On Gestational Diabetes itself, there are a lot of scary information out on the net – I liked the summary in the what to expect book. Also the Mayo Clinic site one. 

My take: Stay off too much sugar anyway. Lets see if I can do it.

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  1. sands

    Khushi, Congratulations on that one! My suggestion would be to include as much whole grains possible in your diet,don’t get your carbs from things like white rice or white flour.

  2. Khushi

    Thanks, Sands. I like your advice.

  3. joysree

    wcongrats.eat less sugary diet and do a bit of exercise.then u will be fine.

  4. shonalie

    Hey No Sweat! I survived GD in my first pregnancy with Teeny and we’re both doing great. But yes there are many cons to it. I’m so glad you were cleared. Take care.

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