Sweet nothings

Ok, so today I had my glucose tolerance test in my third trimester. Last time I sailed through it but this time I think I may ‘flunk’ it. The reason is that this time I have gained a lot of weight, unlike last time when I was right on the ball with weight gain. This month itself I gained 6 lbs! Please. I feel so hungry, and its pregnant hungry so I just give in. I try to restrict the ice creams and stuff, but then I think that it will take me months of restrictions to get back to my weight after delivery. So why not pile on while you can. And so getting on the scale is the worst part of my docs appt.

But the weight gain would not have worried me as much had I not worried about the glucose test. Anyone reading this has needed to restrict their diet after? Anyway, today was just my 1 hr test. Tomorrow they will call with the results and then, I will know if I need to do my three hour glucose tolerance test or not.

But back to the sweet nothings – being a bengali – a place in India famous for its sweet but somewhat notorious for the rezulting pot bellies on otherwise thin frames – I have always craved them. Last pregnancy I somehow lost all urge for sweet. And man, was I happy with that. But my son, who should have, according to books that say that the kids like what moms eat during pregnancy not liked sweets so much has a sweet tooth. This one, I think will definitely have one or two.

Anyway, wish me luck for the results – will write more as they come in.

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  1. Dora

    All the best for the results.

  2. Khushi

    Thanks. I am sure the call will come when I am in the middle of something else 🙂

  3. sands

    All the best with the tests. Sweet things are not the only ones that need to be restricted in a sugar controlled diet. The basic thing one needs to watch is the carbohydrates, that’s from where body gets its sugars. Anything ‘white” from the diet would need to be limited. Examples are bread, pasta, cereal etc. Carbohydrates are in everything we eat. I guess I have scared you enough!

  4. Khushi

    Oh no! And they called to say the results will only come Monday. So now I have to wait three days.

  5. sands

    and now I am feeling bad for spilling too much before it needed to be!

  6. Khushi

    No no, dont worry. Its good to be mentally prepared I think.

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