Swimming Pool safety for kids

We have a huge backyard and last year we put a swimming pool – a very nice one I should say.My kids had lot of fun- and me too :-). My kids knew swimming.I thought I would write this post as a safety tip for parents who are thinking about putting a swimming pool in the backyard.

 1. Put a fence between the house and the swimming pool.

 2.Secure the latch of the gate/fence after the kids are done with the swimming pool.

3.Dont leave the toys out in water as they will be tempted to go and get it out when you are not around.

4. Have a lifevest or any other rescue equipment and a phone near the swimming pool.

5.Always be careful of your kids and also your neighbors kids.

6. Have a security alarm for the backdoor that leads to the pool.

7. Get a security alarm that will beep when somethings float/fall in the pool when everybody is inside. I read somewhere that you get a device like that.I am going to get it this year.

8. Dont let kids be alone in the pool without supervision.

9.It would be great if you know CPR .Try to take a CPR lesson before you install a pool.

10. Even if your kids know swimming that doesnt mean its safe to leave them alone….

11. A note–It would be better to install a pool after your kids are above 5.

OK..Some people may be thinking that mean so much trouble by now..why bother !!!! You have to be very very careful if you are going to have a pool in your backyard.. But it would be a nice way to spend your summer vaccation!!!!

If you have more advice please do..I would be glad to have them….

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  1. Dora

    I think this is a great post. Thanks Lydia. Very timely too.

  2. S Rawat

    I would recomment keeping pool covered with a pool cover like tarp whenever not in use.

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