Table (Eaves) Dropping

Have you done Table (Eaves) dropping? That is, listen to the conversation at the next table at a restaurant?

So we finally went out to eat at a really nice restaurant yesterday. My husband has been working really hard, night and day, and all of us needed a break. Plus, we had a treat due for Jamai Shosthi from my parents.

At my table, the conversation consisted of ‘Do you think he has pooped?’ ‘Give him the yogurt later, the cereal first’, ‘He is tired’, ‘ Mommy, could you pass me some butter?’ (The babe is going through a phase of extreme polite enquiries). But I was aching for some good conversation, so I thought I would borrow some from the next table.

A man and a young teenager who took that table obliged. At first I thought it was a father daughter date – a daughter with a divorced dad. But I could not figure that out till the end. It could even be a girl and her moms new husband. The conversation was friendly, a little polite and formal, but touched on so many things!

First the girl asked ‘How did you propose to my mom’ and the man answered that it was at the beach and he had knelt in the sand. Then she asked ‘How did you meet’ – apparently at a volunteer occasion – a community outreach. He was parking cars, and I dont know what she was doing. The ‘I wonder what they are having for dinner at home’.

Then the girl ordered noodles with chicken and shrimp. The overzealous waitress confirmed with the dad, given that they would charge for both the chicken and the shrimp. The dad refusedĀ  – this makes me think it was the dad and not moms new BF.

Then the girl launched into a criticism of her moms nagging, and the dads response was guarded – so made me think divorced even more. You know, the very guarded yet I almost dont care neutality.

It was the poor daughter flitting from topic to topic all the while. Finally she asked ‘So tell me about tongue cancer’. I was growing self conscious. But he mentioned how tongue cancerr happens, and how it was treated in New York – so dad is an out of towner, maybe a doctor. But he had recovered.

At this point I stopped listening. I thought I had too much details. An unwanted listener. I did catch them splitting desserts and the girl thanking the man.

Well, do you do it? Listen to the next table?

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  1. Indrani

    I am always keen to know what was ordered at the next table i.e if it looks delicious and fancy.

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