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A little bit of Spa


For overall stress relief, I have touches of spa in my bathroom and linen closet. Even when I cant actually go to one, I can look at these little touches and feel better. Its very simple, here is what I... (Continue reading)

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Checking if Muffins or Cakes are done


I did not like using a toothpick for checking if a muffin or cake is done. The fork makes too many punctures and the toothpick, well, I dont feel like using a toothpick just for this. So here are two... (Continue reading)

Efficient Mom Tip


Just a reminder to those of you who love to plan ahead, now is the time to buy winter jackets, hats and gloves for next year.  Most of the major retailers have remarkable discounts and if you are not too... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tip Off – Recycling Coffee Grounds


Did you know coffee grounds make a great fertilizer? Just dump them in the lawn or dig in around your potted plants. Just another way to get more mileage from your daily cup. Wonder if decaf works too. I am... (Continue reading)

The Daily Tip off – Eye makeup touchups

Carry a couple of Qtips in your bag, and use them to gently remove any eye makeup messes that indavertently happen by you rubbing your sleepy eyes or other such mishaps. You can wet one side of the Qtip to... (Continue reading)

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The Daily Tipoff – Come Hither, Cleopatra

For a quick face pickup, splash your face with milk and then rinse off  ( a good way to use leftover milk in sippy cup? You can decide based on the yuckiness quotient). It adds instant glow. And Cleopatra used... (Continue reading)

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Introducing…The Daily Tipoff

Hi! We thought it would be interesting to put something out every day that we have found useful in our lives – shortcuts, tools, ideas. This is not expert opinion, just us sharing something we would recommend. We would love to hear... (Continue reading)