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Indian Independence Day Celebrations 2010


Indian Independence Day celebrations in India will mean parades, flag hoisting, speeches, or a simple holiday to remember the sacrifices made for our independence and the rights and responsibilities it brought us. And maybe even screenings of ‘Gandhi’ – do... (Continue reading)

On Mother’s Day: A house for my parents


How often does one imagine that one might design the future of one’s parents? Right from when we’re little kids, we rely on our parents to design our lives. Then at some point, if we’re truly growing up, that changes,... (Continue reading)

India Trip

We are going to India this summer for  4 weeks. It has been 3 years since we have been there..The last time I went my daughter was only 1 and half and my son was 6..The trip was kinda okay.I had to... (Continue reading)

India: soy diferente

 I love this salsa singer! Her name is India or “La India”, and she is one of my favorites. I hope you like her! ... (Continue reading)

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