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Efficient Mom – Things I can’t do without


I can’t leave the house without my Wet Ones antibacterial hands and face wipes. I keep a canister in the car, which fits nicely in the cup holder. I keep the individually wrapped Wet One’s in my purse and diaper... (Continue reading)

Reducing Minivan Mayhem – Travel Potty


There’s nothing worse then driving around town in the rain with a toddler that has to go to the bathroom urgently.  Even though he went before we left the house. I used to end up stopping at a fast-food restaurant, ... (Continue reading)

Reducing Minivan Mayhem


Is your mini van or car filled with gloves, sweaters, jackets, umbrellas, rain boots, etc.? I like to feel prepared but the weather here is unpredictable. So I just carry it all in a foldable canvas storage box bought from Target.... (Continue reading)