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Preschool and School Diwali Celebrations

Preschool and school diwali celebrations are easy, colorful and a lot of fun. Diwali, with all its splendor, lights, crackers, sweets, sharing and memories provide ample inspiration for craft idea. The date for Diwali 2010 is November 5. For your... (Continue reading)

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Holding the pen correctly


Do you have problems getting your kids to hold the markers correctly when they are learning to write? I found that Crayola pip squeaks are so small that they are bound to grip them the right way. Suzie 2001 ford... (Continue reading)

The first days of preschool

Preschool, Day 1   Me (trying to establish good habits of talking about school to kids): How was school? Babe: It was good Me: (feeling like a textbook perfect mother) I am glad you liked it today. You don’t have... (Continue reading)

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Preschool Personalities

I went to attend the Valentines party at the babe’s preschool on Friday. An usual affair with treats, pizza rolls, nuggets and kid made valentine stuff. Only a couple of the moms were present. When the kids (3 to 4... (Continue reading)