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Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentines Day!


Hope everyone is having a great Valentines day. Have a wonderful, romantic time. Also a very happy Chinese New Year. For those of you who like me have fallen behind on resolutions, this is a great time to start again.... (Continue reading)

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Top Valentines Ideas for 2010

1) Hire a house cleaner for the week. When you’ve been in a relationship for awhile things can become routine with chores and housework often leave little time for you to be together. Hire someone to care for the daily... (Continue reading)

Romance…after Twins


It’s not easy raising children, especially two at a time… When I got pregnant and found out that we were having TWINS…I freaked out!! But, in a few weeks it sunk in that we were going to be parents of... (Continue reading)

Getting in the mood for Valentines Day


Hi. Last year we had some great posts around Valentines day. Here is a sample, more posts, including valentines day special recipes to follow – Finding friendship in love and love in frienship – Tana Romance… after twins – Yasmin... (Continue reading)

Valentines Day Contest – Recycle a tagline for Valentines Day!


No Creativity? No Problem! Just send us your favorite tag-line…something that you saw on someone’s tweet, or perhaps on FB status or think up one if u didn’t like either. You get the idea. We encourage members and non members... (Continue reading)

Something to woo your sweetheart


Love is in the air!!! Valentine’s Day generally means spending time with that special person in your life, exchanging gifts, taking a romantic stroll in the moonlight or a quite night out (Basically I am very romantic at heart). It’s... (Continue reading)

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Something to talk about this month – Love and friendship

Hello everyone! Malini had a great idea – maybe we can come up with a topic for each month and we can write, discuss our thoughts and experiences around it as one of the topics we talk about. This wont of course,... (Continue reading)