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Pineapple/Mango pulisseri

Hey Bloggermoms!!!..After a short break I am back..Its been so busy here at work. I have been trying to manage work, family, cooking,extracurricular activites..the whole mile… Yesterday after a week of not making food at home ,I decided to make... (Continue reading)

Silly Questions and Answers

My son loves going to summer camp.Every Tuesay and Thursday they have field trips. He loves them. Last week he saw Kung Fu panda..The other day it was water park, miniature golf,chuckee cheese… ALL in all he is having a... (Continue reading)

Love Actually

Hey bloggermoms!! “Love Actually” is an old british movie( 3 or 4 years back) but I saw it only last weekend..Its a VERY CUTE ,funny,romatic movie..All you romantic or nonromantic people should see it..My hus who hates chicflicks hated it….ofcourse!!!! No surprise about that…... (Continue reading)

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Vaccation Dilema

 Bloggermoms!!! I have about 15 vaccation days left. I have to take these days off as they wont be rolled over next year. I am not going long trip/short trip this year…Should I take all Fridays off for 3 months or Mondays... (Continue reading)

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Sex and the City– Good or bad???

Has anybody seen Sex and the city movie? I am planning to see it next weekend…Heard huge lady crowds were there for the Friday premiere..Nicely dressed too… With highheels, hats and accessories,sexy dresses.. Who is your fav charcter in Sex... (Continue reading)

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