Take a look at this Guiness world record woman-Piercing

OMG….Do people have to go this extreme situation to get into world records.This lady holds the record for the most pierced woman..She has over 1500 piercing internally…Now I dont know what internally means, if its under the clothes or INTERNALLY….

I was thinking about getting my nose pierced as my sister and my mom have done it..Somehow I have lost the desire to do it after seeing this picture….

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  1. Khushi

    Oh my god! I am totally turned off from piercing.

  2. sarmila

    i saw this type of tribal women in rajasthan,, this is soo terrible to see

  3. Indrani

    Oh my God. Never knew people were this crazy. Its disgusting!

  4. Yasmin

    That’s crazy!! How does she manage to eat or sleep… Imagine what’ll happen if she has to go through the security at the airport 😉

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