Take home folder–Should I have done it?

My second grader gets homework everyday. Its only 1 page and simple worksheet.He gets these worksheets in a take home folder which has 2 flaps. One flap has the homework/or other forms which needs to be turned in the next day. The other flap has the sheet that can be kept at home.

Yesterday after a busy day at work,I came home..I asked him to do the homework..I dont usually sit with him while he does it unless he needs help. He finished the homework in a record time (1 min). I checked it and it looked good..

Today morning, after he went to school, while I was getting ready to leave to work, I saw something on the floor ..Guess what it was ..He had forgotten to take the homework folder.

This isnt the first time that this has happened.Last year ,I have taken it to school couple of times after he forgot to put it in his bookbag.  I took it to school today too. While I was driving back, I was thinking I shouldnt do it next time it happens. He needs to learn responsibility.. As soon as he finishes the homework he needs to put it in the backpack..Thats not a hard thing to do..

So next time he forgets the folder I am not going to run to school and give it to him…Will  I do it or not..I dont know…but dont you guys agree with me????


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  1. Anonymous

    I would take it the first time and would share with him that I did something for him. And next time when he forgets, I wouldn’t do it but would put it in a prominent place where he can see once he is back.
    My daughter borrows books to read from her preschool classroom. No other kid does that but the teacher likes it that she loves to read, so she obliges. Initially , she used to forget to take it back. I did it for her twice and told her that I am not going to do it in future and I would just leave the book on the chair where she sits to take off her shoes after coming back from school. The moment she saw it, she said “Oh my, I had to return this, mamma I will take it next morning” and she did.

  2. Khushi

    You know, I would have done the same. Taken it. I know probably we shouldnt but you know, he is still young. Maybe you can mention that issue to him and warn him that you wont the next time. Then you will feel better about not doing it

  3. Pry

    Thank you guys for suggestions!!!

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