Take-out or eat out Wednesdays

So a friend of mine hooked me on to this idea which has been working great so far. It goes like this – fix a day in the week for eating out or take out and stick to the day. It feels great during the week to wait for this one day when dinner wont be a problem, and there will be no dishes to do. I chose wednesday as its in the middle of the week and we can all take a break. The thing with fixing a day is that you know its coming, and it makes me look forward to it. Earlier we would eat out often, but it has actually gone down now that we have a day fixed. rather than looking through my fridg and finding theres nothing for dinner and thinking of a place to go , this adds more organization.

I thought at least this one will be a long post, but I cant seem to make any!

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  1. Aparana

    Thats a very good idea.Do you keep a budget limit too for these like $25 max..?

  2. Dora

    Thats a good idea – to keep a budget! I think $25 is a good upper limit.

  3. Khushi Mommy

    Thanks Dora, that may work for me.

  4. Dora

    Ok, just an update. This is working fine. I am varying the shops and will keep you all updated on which restaurants are my faves.

  5. Belinda

    I grew up on this. We soon started having a leftover day after day for lunch.

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