Teacher Appreciation Ideas – Three must dos

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up. We wrote a piece on ideas for teacher appreciation week here.Here are some new ideas for teacher apppreciation week –

1. Show your Enthusiasm : Says Suzie, a Bloggermoms writer and a veteran teacher ‘One year my room parent brought a large beautiful vase with water and one lovely rose. With much excitement each child entered the classroom carrying a flower and hugging me. They added the flower to the vase and we watched the bouquet grow. This was my gavorite because of their enthusiasm.’

2. Be Specific : In your expression, in your thank you notes, mention specifically what aspect of the teachers work you appreciate. So for example, instead of a ‘Thank you for all your hard work and extra effort’ go for ‘ Thank you for helping me get over my first day jitters by reading me a story of a girl who did…..’

3. Personalize : Know anything about your teacher? The fact that you made some effort to find out will make them happier. Maybe choose a theme of your teacher’s native country for your card and learn some geography in the process.

Do add your ideas!

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