Teacher Appreciation Week 2010 Gift Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts? We wrote a post on things to do to make the week a little bit more special for the teachers. As a follow up to the post on teacher appreciation week 2010 ideas, here are some gift ideas for teacher appreciation week

Class Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week:

If the class is giving a gift for Teacher Appreciation Week as a group, do it around a theme. All the parents can contribute some money or bring in something to put in the basket. Then the teacher has a big basket to take back at the end of the day, and I think doing something around a theme makes it more substantial than a million tchotchkes. You can do some sleuthing to find your teachers interests and tailor your gift to that. Some theme ideas:

  • A beauty basket, with hand creams, lotions, nice candles – all the things we moms would love to get
  • A movie basket with movie passes for two, gift card for popcorn or refreshments, a movie soundtrack
  • A sporting event basket with tickets to a game, some team memorabilia or clothing item related to the team
  • A healthy living basket with a pedometer, a reusable water bottle, maps of hiking trails, yoga mats, carry on weights
  • An art basket with tickets to the museum, reprints from an ongoing exhibition there, and a collage of student artwork

Individual Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week

The keyword here is thoughtful. So tailor it to your teachers interest, if possible. Some ideas:

  • Fresh flowers
  • A book on a topic the teacher likes
  • A craft your child would like to make (her idea and suggestion, not yours) based on what she has learnt
  • Breakfast treats
  •  A gift card to a restaurant serving food from the country he or she is from
  • A mug with some tea or coffee in it, wrapped up in a thank you note
  • A personalized pen
  • Fragrant Sachets

Some must dos for teacher appreciation week are here.

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