Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week

Ideas for teacher appreciation week

Teacher Appreciation Week 2010 is from May 3-7.  While its quite customary to give gifts at the end of the year or during the holidays, this week is different. The point here is appreciating the hard work the teachers put in behind our kids and conveying that appreciation by doing something special for them. Why not think of things we would like as hardworking parents and see if we could do it for the teachers? Here are some ideas:

  • Teachers are hard working men and women, so a nice treat can be sponsoring or cooking a dinner meal for them for one night this week. You can order in a meal from a special restaurant or have a mom in the class who is a good cook to volunteer to help out (everyone contributes towards the cost of the ingredients). Imagine how good we would feel if we could get a healthy, tasty meal for our family delivered to us!
  • Bring in breakfast and snacks to the teachers common room every day of the week. That way the teachers have some fresh and nice suprises waiting for them on their breaks. Every class can take a different day to divide the load.
  • If you know the teacher’s interests, say she likes art, or the movies, maybe the class can get together and sponsor a visit for him or her.
  • Have each parent send in a scanned photo of the child and a line about what the child enjoyed most in the school year. Make a collage of thanks (you can do this on PowerPoint), save as an image and print it out or send it to your teacher.
  • Write a note or an email or a card about the special things (from your kids point of view) that the class has done that year, and any special instances the teacher helped your child in. You will be amazed at what  they remember.
  • Volunteer to give the teachers a break. Maybe some parents can take over car pool duty for the week. Or recess supervision. Or maybe, if its a preschool, give them a few hours off. Work with the school and see when you can give the teachers a well deserved break.

What do you do? Are you a teacher? Please add in your ideas! For some teacher appreciation gift ideas, check here. And some new ideas and must dos for teacher appreciation week here.

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