Tempura – Try it out!!!

Hey Bloggermoms!!!


I like trying out new recipes from across the world which my baby can also have without making a fuss coz he don’t like eating vegetables unless and until they are served in some kind of fried variety maybe plain or with batter coatings!!!


Well here’s Tempura (a Japanese recipe) which can be used as a starter / snack item having a variety of vegetables and which everyone will like…..



Prawns: 8-12 small

Fish Fillets: 2 medium

Eggplant (Brinjal): 1 medium

Onion: 1 medium

Button Mushrooms: 8

Ladyfingers: 8

Cauliflower: ¼ medium

Lotus root: 1

Carrot: 1 medium

French Beans: 4

Spinach: ¼ bunch

Batter: Egg: 1

Refined Flour: ½ cup

Salt: to taste


Here you go:

1)  Shell, de-vein and wash the Prawns thoroughly. Pat dry on a kitchen towel.

2) If desired, keep the tail of the Prawn on and make a few incisions on the lower side of the prawn to prevent curling while cooking.

3) Cut the Fish into small even sized strips.

4) Wash, trim and cut the Brinjal into thin slices, sprinkle some salt and leave aside.  Rinse and dry the Brinjal.

5) Peel, wash and finely slice the Onion. Clean, wipe and cut the Mushroom into two.

6) Wash, wipe and cut the tip of the Ladyfingers and make a slit on it without cutting through.

7) Cut the Cauliflower into even sized florets. Wash the lotus root thoroughly, dry, cut into slices and keep aside.

8) Wash, peel and thinly slice the Carrot. Wash, string and cut the French Beans into 1 inch pieces.

9) Wash and pat dry the Spinach Leaves and keep them whole.

10) Heat oil in a deep pan or wok. While it is getting hot, quickly make the batter by whisking the Egg with ¾ cup cold water.

11) Gradually mix in the flour and salt. Mix the batter well with a very light hand without working it too much.

12) When the oil is hot, start frying the ingredients one by one. Dip each piece into the batter, shake the excess batter off and slide into the hot oil.

13) Cook till crisp, drain on an absorbent towel / tissue paper.

14)  Serve hot with your choice of dips / sauces.


Pl note: As the batter is light and only just coats the vegetables, it allows a glimpse of the ingredient colour to peep through after cooking, enhancing the attractiveness of the cooking.


Happy cooking and do let me know how you all liked the recipe.

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  1. Ano

    Hi Malini, this looks so tasty. Here prawn is difficult to get. Do you think we can use shrimp?

  2. malini

    Hi Ano! thanks for liking the recipe. Yes you can try with shrimp but dont fry it too much. You can even try with small chunks of boneless chicken….

  3. Khushi

    Recipe looks great. Great way to mix in veggies. I have never bought lotus root here! But will look for it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Pry

    Thanks for the recipe..I am gonna try it out

  5. Anonymous

    Malini, this sounds delicious and I like how you write about the colors coming through. In step 4, did you mean washing the brinjal after leaving it with salt of before? Thank you for the recipe

  6. malini

    Thanks everyone…
    As for the last query, u can wash and sprinkle the salt so that the brinjal absorb it. After some time rinse a litle the brinjal and dry it.

  7. malini

    Thanks everyone..
    As for the last query, u can wash and sprinkle salt on the brinjal so that the salt gets absorbed. After some time, rinse a little and dry the brinjal…

  8. Anonymous

    Whats the difference between shrimp and prawn?

  9. malini

    In response to the last query, to my knowledge the terms prawn and shrimp are generally used interchangeably. The term “prawn” is also loosely used to describe any large shrimp…as per the recipe if large sized prawns (not lobsters) are not available small shrimps can be used….

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