Thank you for a great valentines day!

I must admit I had stopped celebrating Valentines day. It has seemed a bit adolescent and something swept under the carpets after my son was born. But this year, this year was so different! I was so much in the mood for the day and totally into the celebration driven largely I think by the buildup of excitement on the site.

I started with Sarmila’s suggestion of breakfast in bed – though I went out and got coffee and cake for the entire family. And it ended with our first ‘date’ in a year – a late night Slumdog viewing (I had been lucky to be in India on our last anniversary).

So I Just wanted to send out a note of appreciation to all our writers and readers.

A big thanks to Sarmila on her posts on nutrition and health as well as her recipes.  My favorite was her Chingri Cutlet recipe and the hugs and kisses cake.

I enjoyed Malini’s chocolate and walnut cake as well as her post on her journey through love.

Roma’s motor shuti kachuri and alu dam took me back to my childhood and I tried out her doi begun with great success.

And not to forget Yasmin’s kulfi popsicles for the younger valentines in our lives and her post on romance after twins.

I loved Tana’s post on recipes with love and friendship and Indrani’s adventures with her son.

And to top it all, the comments and viewership make it all so much more interesting.

And while I am at it, a big welcome to Polu and Ishita. Cant wait to hear more from you guys.

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  1. Malini

    Thanks Khushi….It feels great to be appreciated….
    Hope to see more topics related posts in future…

  2. Sarmila

    thanks a lot, it is a great feeling to write in this site,, thank you so much for making me explored to your website

  3. Yasmin

    Thank you, Khushi

  4. Tana

    Khushi, Thank you for creating this opportunity to come together. And I’m so glad you two highschool lovebirds went on a date! 🙂

  5. Khushi,thanks a feels great to be appreciated…

  6. indrani

    Thanks Khushi. It feels great to be appreciated. I had met Sai Paranjape, the film maker once while shopping and I went upto her and said “I love your movies. Of course you must be getting compliments all the time.” She gave a warm smile and said “Its never enough though. “

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