The 3 formative years

In this fast growing world … everyone is so busy in our jobs,career.. we just produce babies & forget them . I hv a 3 year old girl & aftr hr birth i thought of giving her 3 yr fr hr total grooming . Husband dear too supported as we believe .. first 3 years r the most important in childs life. What u sow in those early years ..the kid wil carry on for life. U actually lay the foundation of his life in those years. Be it values.. difference between right / wrong..everything least so do we think. Kids r lk clay.. u can make a beautiful sculpture out of them..if  hv time. Yes,, time….

if we let them do the wrong things lk scribbling on wall… throwing tantrums… & not point to them ..THAT THIS IS RIGHT / THIS IS WRONG… unless v do that..they wil keep on doing the same mistakes. My 3 yr old girl hs turned out quite lady like.. She nvr scribbled on walls , she knows tht girls shld sit crosslegged , tht hr panty shldnt b seen. All grooming we” mothers” can only teach. I feel its not kids who r bad these is “US PARENTS”  who fail to giv them time ..those 3 years..formative years.. we dont tell them what is right / wrong.U can make / break the child in those 3 years. Aftr 3 years , kids start having their own say, they wil no more listen . To tell u some examples  ..she sleeps alone in her room all by i dont make her sleep. She sleeping alone since she ws 2 yr 6 month.. i encouraged her tht sleeping alon will mk her a brave girl..& she will grow big fast lk mumma. She happily agreed…( hey not that i dont love her..but i want her to bcm a independent girl)

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    You are right – the first few years are the most important – not only to teach values, but also to build their self esteem.

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