The babe and Santa

Last weekend, we thought we would check out the post Thanksgiving holiday rush. The fact that we wanted to do that still reminds me that I am a visitor here, looking at life events as a tourist of sorts.

The mall was crowded when we reached at 4 pm. The deals were almost gone and the air was heavy with the collective exhalation of thousands. Near the tree in center court there was Santa of course, with a wailing baby on his knee and a desperate mom trying to coax a smile.

We did not stand in line. But as we watched from the fence, the babe shouted out of the blue ‘ I want a cash register.  I want a cash register’.

He is two and he gets Santa Claus!

Do you tell you kids about Santa?

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  1. Dora

    Its such a cute tradition. I tell my son, because I feel he would feel bad if his friends got gifts and he didnt.

  2. priety

    My son has started asking me questions about if Santa is real or not? He is 7 years old. It will be little difficult to make him believe in Santa now..but I still try to…

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