The babe and time out

OK, so to me time out is an American invention. I have read wonderful things about it in books. We did not have time outs in our house in Calcutta growing up. But I do remember being made to stand facing the wall in school when I forgot my Bangla homework.

Today, just as we picked up a whole collection of alphabet stickers off the floor into a little plastic bucket, (I dont know why I bought those stickers in the first place), the babe tipped the bucket over. He scopped the stickers up in his little hands and threw them all over the house.

So we pick up again (the babe picks three, I pick twenty). And then he tips it over again.

I thought its a good time to try out time out.

So I say ‘Time out- Go to the wall and stand while I count twenty’. He runs to the wall eagerly. He had time outs in his day care before I started staying at home so he knows what it is.

I count to twenty. He runs back. We put the stickers away. I feel no victory, I hate punishment.

Anyway, the dad comes home.

Babe ‘ Can you give me a time out’

Dad ‘Why’

Babe ‘I want time out’

Dad ‘Why’

Babe runs to the wall and begins counting.

Then to Dad ‘Can you count to twenty’.

And many more times that evening. He loves the counting to twenty!

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  1. Anonymous

    Very true. Once my 4 year old was very upset because kids in his class are getting timesouts and he never got any! He asked me how to get a timeout!!

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