The brave hearted will take the babe

Ok, so according to wikipedia, the translation of Dilwale Dulhania le jayenge is ‘The brave hearted will take the bride’.  And to those who dont know, Dilwale… or DDLJ for short was one of the biggest hits of my college years, and I had a crush on Shah rukh Khan (the hero) for years.

So bored with playing ‘The sound of music’ again and again on the cassete recorder in my car – I have an old car which I love, and it still has only a cassete player, I popped in the DDLJ cassette while driving the babe. In our house, I have the older car,  the one we bought as soon as we landed in the US with pennies in our pockets. I love it, it works well, its a Toyota, and I see no reason to change yet. Though right after having the babe I dreamt of changing over to a red convertible. And last year of changing over to a minivan. The husband has the ‘cool car’, sleek, black, elegant, expensive and I love being driven around in it. So far because of its cool CD player and the many CDs it can hold, the babe loved that car too. Given any day, he would choose the black car to go out and I would thank him silently, as I do still prefer to be driven around on weekends.

It was also the car where he would be lulled to sleep easily, whereas in mine, he had the middle seat and could see all the action in front and wouldnt sleep for ages.

All this has changed ever since I plonked the DDLJ cassette in. The first time the songs played he was silent. Then he asked for more. And again, and again, till now I am sick of that music. We have played the songs to his friends in class – who loved it. The Hindi vocabulary of the babe himself has grown by leaps and bounds.He can now sing a couple of the songs (with me playing the Kajol parts – on his instructions ) in the most cute Himdi accent ever. I have also had to explain the context (the babe loves his words explained) to him in as sanitized a fashion as I can. ‘What is ruk ja o dil deewana’, ‘What is pyar hota hai deewana sanam’.

Anyway, the upshot of all this is, whenever we are going out –  it has to be my car. Mommy’s car is now ‘our car’. I even got a CD for the husbands car to fend off this partiality, but the CD song order is different, so its always mommy’s car and ‘the Indian songs’.


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  1. Pry

    My kids love dhoom2 songs..not dhoom1..but dhoom2…I am so sick of hearing ti again that I have thought abt puttin it in trash!!

  2. Sands

    I can’t stop laughing at this post, my daughter loves “Monsoon Wedding” song “rabba rabba mee varssa” and when I am driving kiddo and daddy keep fighting over which song will be played in the car. Once I had to stop the car in breakdown lane and ask them to make a decison so I can concentrate on driving! Of course “Rabba rabba” was the winner. yet again.

  3. Khushi

    That is too funny. Yes, I think my DDLJ Cassete may stop working soon 🙂 And Sands, I can totally understand stopping to resolve the fight, but thats hilarious, what our kids make us do.

  4. Indrani

    That was cute. Shaamak is hooked on to the song Bum Bum Bole from the movie Taare Zameen Par(TZP). Every time he is in the car, its the same CD which is played. So he knows which all songs are from the same movie. And now if the FM Radio is playing any song from TZP, he expects that his favorite song is also going to be played.

  5. Khushi

    That is so sweet. That is a fun song, I will try it with the babe.

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