The bug that goes around

bug that goes aroundBack when I did not have kids, I would look disdainfully at coworkers who claimed that their kids made them sick. Really? I would think. Kids get so sick? Somehow in India I dont remember general awareness or recognition of this fact, but now, looking back I think it to be very much possible.

So in our house it began with the baby. Who claims he is not a baby anymore but a big boy. Cold, cough, mucus, phlegm, doctors office visits, missing work, missing chores, waiting it out. Five days, six days, then a fever, so back to the doctor and now antibiotics.

Better. Temperatures gone. Appetite is timidly creeping back.

Meanwhile the older one and dad both have cough, cold, sore throat but thankfully thats about it.

And then its me. I take a sick day to be with the baby and fall sick right after his nap. My head feels ready to burst, I feel week and confused. I dont want to eat. Or drink. I want my mom.

But I am mom now, and so need to do things in the house, take care of the kids. I am in a daze. My mom is far away. My childhood and the ability to curl in bed with a cold and fever and sleep are both in the past.

I avoid fluids as it hurts my throat. A bit of rebellion against my own rule with kids. It gets worse. I wait. Then go to the clinic. Antibiotics.

And I feel better enough to blog.

I dont remember as a child seeing the same sickness go around and touch all in my family. Is this an American thing?

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