The Crochet Circle

Years ago, my mother taught me to crochet along with all the other skills that mothers are wont to pass down to their daughters. I crafted a few afghans for gifts and soon disregarded that particular handiwork as my own family grew and my career evolved. No time for such hands-on work! So, although I occasionally worked up a throw or blanket for special gifts and for my children’s beds, I considered those efforts labor intensive albeit crafted with love.


Crocheting offered so much more I lately came to realize. The effort anchored me as I battled vertigo. The particular eye movements that initiated a vertigo attack did not occur with crocheting. Crocheting calmed me as I worried about career and additional health issues. And most of all, crocheting rewarded me with wonderful, artful, tactile scarves, blankets, afghans and more.


With the wonderful fibers now so readily available, crocheting is a renewed passion and a great medium for artistic expression. To sustain my passion, I recently opened a store on an online marketplace for handmade items. Visit to see my first postings of selections in cotton—practical, easy to care for and great for spring and summer. I create all featured items in a smoke-free and usually pet-free environment (I do enjoy occasional visits from a spoiled sweet toy poodle). I plan to add more as soon as I complete pieces and do the descriptions and photography. Let me know what you think. My mother is quite pleased with herself for passing on this gift, and the girls featured in the photos clamor to learn how to crochet.


  1. Khushi

    Thank you for sharing your story, Sandy, these are lovely.

  2. sarmila

    i visited your website, thanks for sharing..

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