The Curious Case of Baby Fairness

When Pry first put up that post with tips on how to make your babies skin fairer – I thought who on earth would care about making babies fairer? Arent they cute as they are? And how politically incorrect! But then I see that it continues to be one of the top posts of the site, with passionate commenters. And there are so many remedies. Someone mentioned that the remedies are like Britney Spears taking her kids to get their teeth bleached. At age 2 or 3.

But then there was the flip side. I put sunscreen myself and on the kids. Yeah, its about protection from cancer but is it really! I do it for protecting my skin color and glow too. Then I thought might as well try some of the oil massage suggestions on the kids. Surreptitiously of course.

As I thought it through I felt so what? To each his or her own. If I think black hair is beautiful and red is not, thats my personal belief to try on me. Same about glowing skin for my kids, or soft sweet smelling hair.

Did the post put you in two minds? I felt it made me think I was just a bit hypocritical. Or were you always one with your mind made up?

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  1. Anonymous

    I like the Britney analogy. I think any focus on cosmetic beauty – skin color or otherwise is not right, especially for babies!

  2. Tana

    Thanks for posing the question through frankly talking about your process. To be honest, I found the emphasis on a baby’s skin color quite staggeringly surprising. But then I am not a mom (yet) and don’t know what I might feel if confronted with my flesh and blood. All I know is that I have heard stories of my grandmother commenting on our skin color (which is “wheatish” in the Indian definition) and my mother going through great lengths to protect us from such commentary. When I was little (and born in the US) she even bought me a black doll so I may understand the spectrum of coloring that is humanity. I think it is important for us all to move away from skin color and such superficial notions of what is beautiful. (Hey even Bollywood is getting over it – look at the Kajols and Bipashas and tell me they’re not simply gorgeous!:-))

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