The Daily Tip off : stress management

I must say that I love the “daily tip-off” idea, because it is a quick way of sharing practical wisdom, and as one reader (Ranajit) points out, supports the “continuous improvement” model of living and working.

I have a daily tip for stress management, which works well for me because it is so simple, can be done anywhere, and has great power (besides mitigating the fact that I simply forget to breathe:-))

Five times a day, sit down with intention, in a quiet place for just 2 minutes. Take a deep breath in, and as you do this, say in your head, “I am grateful for…” Now breathe out slowly, and say in your head (or out loud), “XXX” (whatever it is you are grateful for in that moment). Repeat this 10 times in each sitting, changing the statement of gratitude, or keeping it the same.

By making this 10-minute investment a day, you might change your life!

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  1. sarmila

    the same thing I do, that is Pranayam..

  2. Khushi

    Great one. I will try it. I had one of those days today – full of conflict and I will try it right after I finish nursing and get off the computer.

  3. Anonymous

    That is what my Koran says….

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