The Daily Tip-off – Wipes Forever

Taking care of my first boy introduced me to baby wipes. Soon I started carrying a packet in my purse (just take some out of the bulk packet and put it in a ziploc to save space). It became a bag staple as my son graduated to being a toddler and preschooler. It works on so many things –

  • Cleaning grubby hands after particularly dirty play areas
  • Cleaning hands before snacking in the car
  • Cleaning my own smeared makeup as I try to drive and apply make-up
  • Cleaning a dirty table at a restaurant or a play area
  • A refreshing wipe of the back of the neck a hot, sweaty day for me
  • Cleaning up spills in the car and other places

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  1. indrani

    Wipes are very good for cleaning wine stains as well.

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