The Daily Tip-off

Khushi started the Daily Tip-Off  and I think its a great idea.  I would love to hear from everybody on how they find short-cuts or easier way to deal with either cooking, household, organization, kids activities or taking care of themselves.  Here is one thing that I do as part of my daily routine to make cleanup of the bathroom floor easier …

Every morning, after I am done getting ready, I tear off a sheet of adhesive lint roller and use it to pickup the hair and other small debris from the bathroom/dressing area floor.  The hair easily sticks to the lint roller paper and I do not have to chase them all over the floor.  It takes less than a minute to do the in-between-the- cleaning upkeep of the bathroom.

Please keep the daily tips coming.

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  1. Khushi

    Great idea. Thanks! I have this perennial problem as I lose a lot of hair. I will try it.

  2. Tana

    Love this idea – makes at least one aspect of hair-loss easier to bear! 🙂

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