The Daily Tipoff – Small Treats

As a stay at home mom juggling kids and finances, I dont get very much time to treat myself to something which takes a long time or more money. So I decided to go in for ‘small treats’ and its working for me – I do small things in the house or outside to pamper myself just a little bit. For example, at the grocery store, I have started heading over to the beauty section before I start and treating myself to a little ‘try me’ luxurious hand cream in a cool new fragrance which puts me in a great mood. Or taking help with my groceries if they are offered for free by the store as in Publix. Or heading over to the library after the kids are asleep to just sit in silence and read strange books I dont issue.

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  1. sarmila

    nice ideas! i like these.

  2. Indrani

    My husband says for a healthy happy family, its important to have the woman of the house happy and contended. Its important to pamper ourselves.

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