The Daily Tipoff – Storing Leftover Birthday Cake

My friend Naveena taught me this last year and it worked very well. Take the cake or ice cream cake, frosting included, slice it and wrap each slice in clingwrap. Or you can put each slice on a paper plate and cling wrap the whole thing. Freeze.

Then defrost whenever you need a sweet snack – its even good slightly thawed. The frosting is delish. It is said this lasts for a year, but I only could keep it for two months, and it was great.

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  1. sarmila

    good idea, ‘ll try

  2. indrani

    Thanks for sharing this. Rather than trying to finish the whole thing in a day or two, its a great idea to treat ourselves for a prolonged period of time.

  3. Pry

    Great idea…In our house ,our kids love it will be gone in 3 days…:-)

  4. Suzie

    I have decided that birthday cake is over-rated. I get so stressed out trying to cut it fast and get it to all the hungry kids and adults. My proportions are all over the place. Last birthday my plastic cake knife broke, so I had to scoop with part of my hand. It was a $150 disaster. I have decided that from now on I will make birthday cupcakes. Easy delivery and clean-up.

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