The Emergency Bag

preventing meltdown emergency bagFor times when the kids are very cranky, say just after school or day care or a day at the mall, fish out the emergency bag!

Just take any special looking bag (maybe those conference bags that you never use) and stuff them with things that let the kids touch various kids of textures and use their fine motor skills. This act of getting their fingers busy helps distract them and calms their minds. Also things that make bearable sounds.

Add things like –

  • Erasable magnetic boards with a magnetic pen
  • Furry curly pipe cleaner sticks
  • Portable tub of play dough (for older kids only)
  • A writing pad with colorful markers/ crayons
  • Magnetic toys with a pen like thing to drag and drop magnetic dust into shapes
  • A disney tiara (has lots of beads to curl with fingers)
  • A toy car with movable wheels and some detailing
  • Mirror

And other great suggestions usually available at the discount section in Target. Let  them take one at a time, and let them know what the bag is for. Soon they will start asking for it when they feel down.

What are your ideas for melt downs

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