The Entourage

Thoroughly enjoying my stroll through our neighborhood this morning, I suddenly realized that I was not alone. This should have been obvious to me but it was a beautiful morning, the breeze was cool, the sky sky blue, and every house I passed had pretty flowers.

There were clues, of course. First, though I managed to make it from one end of our neighborhood to another, I was not really walking. I was alternating between inching along and snails pace and running downhill with joyous abandon pulled down by a heavy, rolling object.

Second, I could hear myself at regular intervals saying ‘Softly, softly or our neigbors will get disturbed’. In fact I was saying it so many times and with such mechanical regularity that it was almost like I was not saying it at all. It was taking me no effort, and it was flowing out from my throat to my mouth without detouring to my brain.

Third, anyone I passed was giving me a broad smile instead of the polite semi smiles that wrinkle just the corners.

So I took count. And here’s who I was with. Leading the pack was the babe. With him was the doll I had got him before his brother was born, strapped into a stroller ( Hence the smiles, a girl with a stroller may not have as many smiles). With me was a gigantic stroller with the baby in it of course, but almost squeezed out with all the equipment I thought might me neccessary for potential emergencies as I strolled half a mile from my house.

I felt like one of those stars who travel with a team and a load of equipment. Of course, here, I was doing the pushing 🙂

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  1. indrani

    Hilarious and so sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tana

    Khushi, Every baby step now will add towards the wonderful miles you will walk! 🙂

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