The H4 Diaries – Five signs you are a true H4er

Before anyone asks – the H4 visa is a spouse visa, for the spouses of people coming to the US on H1B, the skilled worker visa. The H4 visa allows you to stay here but not work or be employed in any format, as far as I understand it. So when I wrote about how you can boost your career when you cant work on the H4 visa, readers mentioned that they were more interested in having a blast than boosing their careers. So here are five signs of a true H4er 🙂

  1. You can be found late night in Walmart or other 24 hr stores browsing through colorful cushions or microwaveable pans with your husband
  2. You watch endless reruns of law and order from 1 to 6 interrupted by
  3. A long nap, which can stretch anything from an hour to four
  4. You smile eagerly at Indian women in grocery stores and the apartment gym, looking to make friends
  5. You crave weekends so that you can use the car, go to friends houses and get a vacation from your days off !

Of course, the days will end soon and you can go back to work and you will get the hang of cracking interviews. We have all been through this at some point, and its irritating. What do you guys think? What are some of the habits of true H4ers?

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  1. roopa

    1) They are almost always a very good Cook !!

    2) This I am not sure, but I guess they tend to be very good moms as the get to spend quality time with kids 🙂 especially when you become a new mom on H4.

    3)Mostly friendly as they are on the look out for friends to talk to so as to avoid the boredom and loneliness.

    4)They earn masters in Internet browsing without even going to an Institute.

    5)Astrology sites are a favorite for most of these people as they are anxious to know atleast astrologically when they would start working !! [:)]

  2. Khushi Mommy

    Hey these are great ones, Roopa! You should make it a post

  3. Amrita

    Just read your comments. This is hilarious.

  4. azmom07

    Oh my god…i just love your blog…I am a filipino and on an H4 visa also…I can totally relate to your stories here….Ive read a lot of posts already…so whats the update, are you still on an H4 or are you able to find a job? I came across your ad in search of possible work for an H4 visa holder…

  5. Amrita

    azmom, thank you! I loved your comment. I was on H4 but was lucky to get it converted to H1 at that time. It was a big change. But you know that time of being on H4 I will remember forever so I try to write about it.

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