The H4 Diaries – Four things to do when you are tired of ‘Law and Order’

When I got here, I loved the show. I would watch endless reruns from 1:00 pm till I dozed off, and then sometimes when I woke up. But here are things I wished I had done or I did or some of my friends did, which might be good things to do when at home with your H4 visa or while you are still looking for work while on H4 visa. Some wacky, some useful 🙂

  1. Learn to drive: This is a good way to get out of the house and see the city. I knew how to drive in India, so I could learn from my husband, but if you are learning new then you can join a driving school that will take you through the process. Getting a license here in the US is tough and diferent from India. To give the qualifying written exam, here in Georgia, you have to mug up one relatively thin book. Its actually pretty interesting. And in our time, we had to queue up early in the morning at the license office, though now, its supposed to be through appointments. Learning is not a must if you are in the city, but it the suburbs it helps a lot. Plus any mobility is good if you are alone all day. It took me a while to drive on highways, but hey, backroads and mapquest can take you far! The driving exam was tough, and of course parallel parking was the toughest. I had practiced in parking lots, but was so nervous! Anyway it worked out
  2. A day at the mall : Really, and I dont mean shopping. Malls are great to hang out and window shop and eat a quick lunch. I used to feel everyone is staring at me, but actually no one did. Now this is totally weird, but I would try on dresses at Macy’s like ballgowns etc. One of my friends loved sitting in the massage chair at Sharper image. Arent we all desperate? Or of course, you can go to Barnes and Noble and spend a lot of time reading there- this was one of the surprising things for me, that they allowed peope to browse and read there for such long periods. I had a friend who did her entire GRE prep there for free!
  3. Blog: Of course we all surf. But blogging is strangely addictive, as sometimes you get to follow someone elses life like its a reality TV show! Its also fun, and can connect you to an online community
  4. Use the apartment gym: You know, if you are in an apartment with a free gym, this is one of the best things. You can spend an hour at the gym each day maybe around 10 or after two. Hardly anyone is there than maybe fellow H4ers at that time (it gets crowded at lunch). After I overcame my initial reluctance to work around in shorts in my imperfect figure this worked out great. Exercise helps you feel so much better and keeps you from becoming depressed easily
  5. Creative hobbyers! The US has great hobby shops like Joanns or Michaels, which have a lot of craft supplies. Of course, Walmart and Target do as well. If you are good at something (I never was), you can make and sell on ebay. Check with your lawyer, but I think this is a quick way to have fun and earn some bucks. I am not artistic, so never did it, but I think you can.

These were just some fun ideas, for some more career oriented ones, click here or look in the immigration section of this site where I put my posts. Also, please put your posts and comment! I would love to know what you do.

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  1. Khushi Mommy

    You know, it took me a long time to learn to drive hear and I can say that learning from hubby is a tough thing 🙂

  2. Administrator

    I agree with you..Never learn driving from your hubby..:-)

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